2024 Ulysses Contest – The winners

The Ulysses Contest, being the first European digital student competition of its kind, is over!
We congratulate all participants on their great work and proudly present the 3 teams who reached the highest points with their presentations on June 05th:

Winning teams of 2024

  • 1st place: Team 18 from Free University of Bozen-Bolzano – Carlo Juan Rabino, Elena Vecchiatti, Jonaitis Mindaugas, Pietro D’Agaro, Simone Faieta
  • 2nd place: Team 7 from MCI – Johanna Bruckner, Lisa Walla, Mariella Brunner, Victoria Albertini
  • 3rd place: Team 26 from University of Szeged – Dominika Gábor, Endre Véh, Gerg Vincze, Maja Komlós

THANKS to all who participated to the Ulysses Contest – you can be very proud of yourself! Memories, experiences, learnings & connections which will hopefully last forever.