Ulysses Contest – First press release now available

It is time to spread the word about the Ulysses Contest! To do so, we have prepared a first press release (available in English, German, Italian and Hungarian) which can now be found in the download section of the project website or downloaded here below.

JMS Paper Development Workshop on “De-mystifying the R&R process”

Description: The Journal of Management Studies (JMS) is one of the leading management journals in the world. Hosted by the Centre for Family Business Management of the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, this paper development workshop will be held by Professor Daniel Muzio – JMS General Editor and Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Economics and Management. Professor Muzio will present the journal and provide hints about how to manage the submission and revision process. The event is also intended to be a hands on workshop, where delegates review papers, referee reports and decision […]

Ulysses Contest – The Ulysses video is out!

We proudly present our first Ulysses video which nicely explains what the Ulysses contest is all about! Watch the video to find out about our mission, goals, challenges and – most importantly – how students, lecturers and family firms can benefit from it!

Ulysses Contest – Join us on our social media channels!

Of course, a digital student competition needs its own social media channels to get known and out into this world! Have your pick and spread the word in your favorite social media channel. Facebook is your favorite?Then please LIKE the Ulysses page and share it with your fellow co-students, teachers or potential family firms You’re more an Instagram kind of person?We have you sorted. Click here and subscribe to the Ulysses Instagram profile All you want is LinkedIn?Of course we’ve also prepared an Ulysses Profile in the popular professional network so you can reach out to your business contacts! If you have any further questions, send us […]

Ulysses Contest

The Ulysses Contest is an ERASMUS+ programme aimed to organize a digital case study competition based on cases from family firms in Austria, Italy and Hungary. The competition will give students the opportunity to transfer theoretical knowledge into practice and to work in a team to create a solution proposal for a current problem in a family business. The project is developed by the Centre for Family Business Management in collaboration with University of Szeged, Management Center Innsbruck, University of Vienna, Univations Gmbh and Agentur fundus. For more information visit: https://www.ulysses-contest.eu/ To stay updated, please register to the newsletter: https://www.ulysses-contest.eu/newsletter/