The Centre for Family Business Management disseminates and enhances its research in national and international conferences, symposia, project development workshops and seminars

Here is a list of the conference where you can find CFBM members


  • AoM – Academy of Management Annual Meeting
    Understanding the inclusive organization
    09-13.08.2019, Boston (USA)
  • EGOS – European Group of Organizational Studies
    Enlightening the future: The challenge for Organizations
    04-06.07.2019, Edinburgh (UK)
  • EIASM – EIASM workshop on family firm management research
    Family entrepreneurship and society
    Keynote speech by Professor Alfredo De Massis
    23-25.06.2019, Nantes (France)
  • EIBA – European International Business Academy
    What now? International business in a confused world order
    13-15.12.2019, Leeds (UK)
  • EURAM – European Academy of Management
    Exploring the future of management
    26-28.06.2019, Lisboa (Portugal)
  • FERC – Family Enterprise Research Academy
    Role of family firms in social and sustainable innovation
    30.05-02.06.2019, Burlington (USA)
  • IFERA – International Family Enterprise Research Academy
    Feeding the fire of entrepreneurship: Theory and practice for the enterprising family
    17-21.06.2019, Bergamo (Italy)
  • ISME – Internationalization of SMEs
    Internationalization of SMEs in the Digital Age: Opportunities and threats
    29-30.04.2019, Bolzano (Italy)
  • Columbia Business School & INSEAD joint conference
    New ideas on family firms
    16.05.2019, Fontainbleau (France)
  • OECD – Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development Conference
    SMEs and the urban fabric
    15-16.04.2019, Trento (Italy)
  • PDW – The future of conducting and publishing research in entrepreneurship, innovation management and strategy
    Paper development workshop for early-career scholars organized by the University of Bologna
    22-24.05.2019, Bologna (Italy)
  • RSA AiIG – Riunione Scientifica Annuale dell’Associazione italiana Ingegneria Gestionale
    17-18.10.2019, Torino (Italy)
  • Summer school – Data Science and Computational Statistics with R
    Summer school organized by Free University of Bozen-Bolzano
    26-31.09.2019, Bolzano (Italy)
  • Summer school – Going beyond data synthesis: Meta-analysis for theory advancement in business and economic research
    Summer school organized by ERIM – Erasmus Research Institute of Management
    03-05.07.2019, Rotterdam (Netherlands)
  • Summer school – Quantitative Methods for Public Policy Evaluation
    Summer school organized by Barcelona GSE – Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
    08-12.07.2019, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Sunbelt – Sunbelt Social Networks Conference
    18-23.06.2019, Montreal (Canada)


  • AoM – Academy of Management Annual Meeting
    Improving lives
    10-14.08.2018, Chicago (USA)
  • EURAM – European Academy of Management
    Research in action: Accelerating knowledge creation in management
    20-23.06.2018, Reykjavik (Island)
  • FERC – Family Enterprise Research Academy
    Family traditions and culture: Values and legacy in entrepreneurial families
    07-09.06.2018, Guadalajara (Mexico)
  • IFERA – International Family Enterprise Research Academy
    Coping with disruptions: Family firm continuity and sustainability in times of rapid change
    03-06.07.2018, Zwolle (Netherlands)
  • PDW – Academy of Management Perspective
    Paper development workshop organized by the University of Bergamo
    19.10.2018, Bergamo (Italy)
  • R&D – R&D Management Conference
    R&Designing innovation: Transformational challenges for organizations and society
    30.06-04.07.2018, Milano (Italy)
  • RSA AiIG – Riunione Scientifica Annuale dell’Associazione italiana di Ingegneria Gestionale
    The challenge of management engineering in a changing manufacturing world: Developing competences and intellectual capital across management and technology
    11-12.10.2018, Castellanza (Italy)
  • SMS – Strategic Management Society Annual Conference
    Strategies in the era of de-globalization
    22-25.09.2018, Paris (France)
  • ToFE – Theories of Family Enterprise Academic Conference
    23-25.05.2018, Edmonton (Canada)


  • AoM – Academy of Management Annual Meeting
    At the interface
    04-08.08.2017, Atlanta (USA)
  • EURAM – European Academy of Management
    Making knowledge work
    21-24.06.2017, Glasgow (Scotland)
  • EU-SPRI ECC – EU-SPRI Early Career Research Conference: 4th Academic Entrepreneurship workshop
    How to foster innovative entrepreneurship? Trends, challenges, and policy implications
    23-24.11.2017, Milano (Italy)
  • IFERA – International Family Enterprise Research Academy
    Locality and internationalization of family business
    28.06-01.07.2017, Zadar (Croatia)
  • IFERA RDW – International Family Enterprise Research Academy Global Conference
    Balancing tradition and change: Theorizing on innovation and entrepreneurship in the family firm
    16-17.03.2017, Bolzano (Italy)
  • RENT – Research in Entrepreneurship and Smalla Business
    Relevance in entrepreneurship research
    15-17.11.2017, Lund (Sweden)
  • RSA AiIG – Riunione Scientifica Annuale dell’Associazione italiana di Ingegneria Gestionale
    The digital transformation of the business society
    19-20.10.2017, Bari (Italy)
  • ToFE – Theories of Family Enterprise Academic Conference
    22-24.05.2017, St. Gallen (Switzerland)