Jasper Brinkerink is a post-doctoral researcher working in the Centre for Family Business Management at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. He previously worked at Windesheim University and Maastricht University, both in the Netherlands. At the latter institution he also obtained his PhD (2018). His research, teaching and knowledge transfer activities center on family firms’ innovation and product development strategies, with particular attention for family firms’ interactions with external innovation partners and the role of trust in establishing and valorizing these interactions. Jasper’s work has been published in, among others, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, the Journal of Product Innovation Management, and in the Family Business Review. Moreover, his research and service contributions have been awarded by leading institutions in (family) business and management research, such as the International Family Enterprise Research Academy (2015; 2017; 2018), the Academy of Management (2017), the Family Business Review (2018), and the Family Firm Institute (2019). Jasper serves as a member of the editorial review boards of Family Business Review and Journal of Family Business Strategy.





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