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Ulysses Contest – Winners of Ulysses Contest 2023

The Ulysses Contest, being the first European digital student competition of its kind, is over!We congratulate all participants on their great work and proudly present the 3 teams who reached the highest points with their presentations on May 23rd: Winning teams of 2023 THANKS to all who participated to the Ulysses Contest – you can be very proud of yourself! Memories, experiences, learnings & connections which will hopefully last forev

Ulysses Contest – Winners of round 1

Thank you so much to each and everyone who participated in yesterday’s live event via Youtube! We’re still thrilled with excitement about the overwhelming quality of student teams’ submissions – a big VERY WELCOME to all of you!!! 🙂 Out of 23 teams, all teams delivered in time and the majority of the concepts was exceptionally high in quality. The 9 winning teams of round 1 were the ones with the most points allocated by project partners with acadamic background but also experience in business. The choice for was really tough and things like use of literature, practicability as well as coming […]

Ulysses Contest – Virtual kick-off event

On Tuesday 11 April at 11AM the time has come: the hot phase of the Ulysses Digital Student Competition on Family Business has officially started! Representatives of the project partners and family firms have been participating in a live YouTube Kick Off Event with over 60 students from around the world. In total an overwhelming number of 93 students from 25 (!!!) different countries have registered and been formed into 23 teams. At the Kick Off Event the first three family firm case studies were finally revealed and allocated to the eagerly waiting student groups. The event was not only […]

Ulysses Contest – Call for participation

“Ulysses Contest – Digital Student Competition on Family Business” (ULYSSES) focuses on providing a first-hand insight into family firms, gathering real-life case studies from these firms so that university students would be able to gain practical entrepreneurial learning experiences and to enhance their digital skills. ULYSSES will provide this combined chance by setting up the 1st digital European student competition that focuses explicitly on family businesses. In this competition, students work in international groups of 4 members to solve real-life case studies provided by family firms. Short facts Click here for more details Click here to download the call for […]

Ulysses Contest – Fourth newsletter now available

The Ulysses Contest is approaching and we have additional information to share with you! If you are courious to understand how we compiled the case studies for the competition, read our fourth newsletter. You can find it here, as well as in the download section of the project website.

Ulysses Contest – Second press release now available

It is time to give you some updates about the Ulysses Contest! To do so, we have prepared the second press release (available in English, German, Italian and Hungarian) which can now be found in the download section of the project website or downloaded here below.

Ulysses Contest – Things you didn’t know about case studies – Part 2

What is the uniqueness of family firms and their case studies? Especially in the family business field, case studies allow to provide a deeper understanding of family firms’ specific features and differences in their decision-making process in contrast with non-family counterparts. The Ulysses consortium has already received the consent of several important family businesses in various sectors – such as tourism, wine and high-tech – to provide information and availability for the development of case studies to be used in the Ulysses competition. The existing case studies cover some of the main topics of research in the field of family […]

Ulysses Contest – Things you didn’t know about case studies – Part 1

What is a case study? A teaching case study is a snapshot of a management situation that presents a problem, a challenge or an opportunity faced by an organization. The decision-maker, such as an executive, a manager, or an entrepreneur, is the protagonist of the case. By reading and examining the situation from a particular organization member’s perspective, students will identify with the organization and feel the urge to solve the problem. The business case studies will touch upon different aspects of the real life in family businesses. But they will all have some common aspects. In particular, they will […]

Ulysses Contest – Get ready to take active part in solving real-life family business issues

Family businesses are key economic actors all over the World. Within the framework of the Ulysses contest, students can now help family-owned companies of 3 different countries (Hungary, Italy and Austria) to solve real-life issues in an international online competition. As members of an international team, students will solve case studies that present the issues and challenges of these real family businesses, having a risk-free try at experiencing situations that those who start and run a business must cope with. In so doing, students can learn about the operation of family businesses in practice, as well as gain international insights […]