Research interests

The Centre produces rigorous and impactful research publications in the field of family enterprise studies, hosts gatherings and symposia of family business scholars, family entrepreneurs and policy makers, contributes to undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral education in the area of family business, organizes international workshops and conferences attracting the leading scholars in the field, and exploits partnerships with other family business centers around the world. The results of this research are made available to family business leaders and business families.


  • Generational transitions and leadership succession
  • Innovation in family businesses and innovation through tradition
  • Digitalization and technology management in family businesses
  • Family goals and their role in the decision-making processes
  • Family firms’ organizational design
  • Individual characteristics- of family members
  • Strategic management and internationalization of family firms
  • Growth strategies and entrepreneurial development across generations
  • Family businesses’ governance and professionalization
  • Alliances and relations’ and social capital’s management in family firms
  • Sustainability, philanthropy, and ethical and social concerns in family businesses
  • Marketing, branding and authenticity of family firms
  • Accounting and finance in family firms