PASSA Project

Transgenerational succession of craft businesses in South Tyrol

February 2018 – September 2019 / Research team: Prof. Alfredo De Massis, Dr. Emanuela Rondi, Dr. Paola Rovelli

The PASSA project (Pensionati Attivi e Strumenti di Successione delle imprese Artigiane) developed by the Centre for Family Business Management, CNA-SHV and CNA Pensionati, consisted in the first survey data collection in Italy on transgenerational succession in craft businesses. The focus of this first survey was on South Tyrol.

On September 24th 2019 @ NOI Techpark, the CFBM will host the final event of the PASSA project: “La Successione delle Imprese Familiari Artigiane tra Passato, Presente e Futuro”.
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Innovation for Growth in Family Firms

March 2019 – today / Research team: Prof. Alfredo De Massis, Dr. Paola Rovelli

The project, developed by the Centre for Family Business Management and Bonfiglioli Consulting Srl, aims to carry out a survey on a sample of Italian family firms to monitor their innovation processes, in order to evaluate their efficacy and efficiency and identify best practices to support family firms in their innovation processes.