Stephen Oduro is Assistant Professor at the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, working at the Centre for Family Business Management since April 2023. His research interests include but not limited to innovation, corporate digital responsibility (CDR), sustainability, and small business management. He conducts both qualitative and quantitative research in these areas using a hybrid of statistical techniques, including thematic analysis, structural equation modeling, systematic literature reviews, and meta-analysis. In particular, his recent research focuses on using meta-analysis models for understanding firm performance dynamics, behavior, and strategic orientation, particularly SMEs family businesses. Stephen had his MSc in Business Management from the Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) in 2018. He obtained his Ph.D. in International Management from the University of International Studies of Rome—UNINT (Italy) in 2022. His recent work has been published in reputable international journals, including Marketing Intelligence and Planning, European Journal of Innovation and ManagementSustainability Accounting, Management and Policy Journal, International Journal of Innovation Management, and Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship. Stephen is a Società Italiana Marketing (SIM), EURAM, and EMAC member. 




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