Ulysses Contest – Winners of round 1

Thank you so much to each and everyone who participated in yesterday’s live event via Youtube! We’re still thrilled with excitement about the overwhelming quality of student teams’ submissions – a big VERY WELCOME to all of you!!! 🙂

Out of 23 teams, all teams delivered in time and the majority of the concepts was exceptionally high in quality. The 9 winning teams of round 1 were the ones with the most points allocated by project partners with acadamic background but also experience in business. The choice for was really tough and things like use of literature, practicability as well as coming up with bold, creative and innovative ideas were counted in the methodology of distributing points.

9 winning teams of round 1
  • Team 1: Team Odyssey
  • Team 6: Success Sprinters
  • Team 7: TEAC Solutions
  • Team 9: Solvans
  • Team 10: Nova
  • Team 13: Business Squad
  • Team 19: Alpine Allies
  • Team 21: Profile & Co.
  • Team 23: AUTH TEAM