Ulysses Contest – Winners of Ulysses Contest 2023

The Ulysses Contest, being the first European digital student competition of its kind, is over!
We congratulate all participants on their great work and proudly present the 3 teams who reached the highest points with their presentations on May 23rd:

Winning teams of 2023

  • 1st place: Team 21 – David Kalotai, Zénó Manó Kovács, Pauline Schrader and Klemens Ehrenhöfer
  • 2nd place: Team 7 – Till Herrmann, Eric Geßwein, Anita Borsato, Carlo Di Ciò
  • 3rd place: Team 13 – Maria Caliari, Marta Bosco, Youssef Gerges, Thi Thanh Mai Le

THANKS to all who participated to the Ulysses Contest – you can be very proud of yourself! Memories, experiences, learnings & connections which will hopefully last forev