Ulysses Contest – Things you didn’t know about case studies – Part 2

What is the uniqueness of family firms and their case studies?

Especially in the family business field, case studies allow to provide a deeper understanding of family firms’ specific features and differences in their decision-making process in contrast with non-family counterparts.

The Ulysses consortium has already received the consent of several important family businesses in various sectors – such as tourism, wine and high-tech – to provide information and availability for the development of case studies to be used in the Ulysses competition.

The existing case studies cover some of the main topics of research in the field of family business, such as:

  • Succession planning
  • Family conflicts
  • International entrepreneurship
  • Values, identity and leadership
  • Innovation and dynamic capabilities
  • Resilience in disruptive times (e.g., Covid-19)

… and many other ideas are on the way, so stay tuned!!!